My Dad once gave me some wise words.  He said to me, "Son, if you want to avoid a lot of pain in your life, realize the difference between the two words: lust and love." I'd then ask him what was the difference between the two words.  He answered, "Love can't wait to give.  Lust can't wait to get.  And love always overcomes lust."

As the years have passed by, and my marriage has entered into its third decade of life and purpose, I understand more and more the power of Dad's words.  What a lot of people are calling love today, especially in the media, is mere lust.  It's out for number one.  It wants to get, not give.

But true love has as its foundation the desire to give to others.  It desires to put the others' needs above your own.  And when this kind of love is rightly practiced, it conquers all, especially lust.

Today, strive for love in all your relationships.  And if you're just in "lust" with someone, either move to love or find someone you can love.

Love is still the strongest force in the universe.