Psalm 49: for those of us who fret because the wicked seemingly prosper, even the point of exceeding wealth, we’re not to fear.  These wicked and wealthy one day will face life’s great equalizer: death.  Verse 8: Redemption doesn’t come to someone just because they are wealthy!  And the irony is that those who were wealthy and wise will leave all their wealth for someone else to spend (vs. 10)--how wise is that! The writer goes on to call these people “fools” (vs. 13) for Psalm 14:1 says “a fool says in his heart there is no God”.  These wealthy “fools” live their lives accumulating stuff, refusing to believe there is a God and he doesn’t hold people accountable for their lives.  Verse 19: “Those who boast in their wealth don’t understand that they too will die like animals”.  Again, death is the great equalizer!  All we have before God one day is whether we sincerely believed in Him.

Finally, note this psalm (and a few others) was written by “the descendants of Korah”.  Korah, in the book of Numbers, led a rebellion against Moses and God.  He was swallowed up in the earth because of it.   One would think his descendants may have been alienated, cursed by the society.  Yet here are his descendants, leading worship, writing psalms, giving wisdom to the people, their spiritual insights written in God’s eternal truth, His Word, for millions to read in the future.  God’s eternal love, His grace, mercy and kindness is always greater than generational sin and our sin.  His plan is good and perfect.  Trust Him today, though your family’s sin may be great.  Though your own sin at one point may have moved you far beyond God’s presence.  He can and will still use you for His glory.

What an amazing, gracious God we serve!

AuthorCasey Shannon