May I share something with you I've learned in life that has really helped me?  It has to do with facing problems in life.  I bet many of you listening today have some problem facing you that seems huge and perhaps even unbearable.  If so, here are some wise words I once heard: "God doesn't always let us take the easy path.  Hills, mountains, deep waters, valleys and deserts in our lives make us stronger and better travelers in this journey called life."

So many of us want to avoid life's problems.  We want to find a path that takes us around hills and valleys.  We want to find a bridge that takes us over the valleys.  We want an airlift that takes us over the deserts and deep waters.

Yet these are the very objects designed by God to strengthen us as travelers.  They are the problems used by our Creator to make us the people he wants us to be.

Therefore, don't avoid them.  Don't curse them.  Don't object to them.  Simply keep traveling.  Keep walking.  You're getting stronger in the journey.

And that's the point!