My Dad taught me so much about life and faith.  You who follow the Moments of Hope are often the beneficiaries of his wisdom. Here's another one today.  When I was going through a difficult time, he would often say to me something like, "Just because something isn't working out very well today doesn't mean there isn't still a bright hope for your tomorrow."  I was reminded of days at the beach when there was rain.  Then, the next day, the sun broke through the clouds in majestic fashion!

Dad was very, very right.  Today may be a bad day for you.  You may be hurting terribly. But that doesn't mean tomorrow won't be better.  That doesn't mean tomorrow doesn't have great potential.  That doesn't mean tomorrow doesn't have incredible hope.

Today is a hard day?  Walk through it.  Make it until the end.  Then trust God that tomorrow will be better.  Believe the Almighty is able to take your dark clouds and still give you sunshine.

And remember: just because today has clouds doesn't mean tomorrow won't have sunshine!