I read the following quote the other day and it really touched me.  I wanted to share it with all of you.  It reads: I fall, I rise.

I make mistakes, I learn.

I've been hurt but I'm still alive.

I'm not perfect but I'm getting better.

I don't have all I want but I possess all I need.

I refuse to complain.

I'm thankful.

Isn't that a great life statement?  Read it again.  We won't give up.  We will learn from our mistakes.  We've been hurt but we've survived.  We are getting better, smarter every single day.  We will not let our wants drive us but be content that our needs are being met.  We will always choose thanksgiving over complaining.  One brings life.  The other death.

And in making these choices today, my life will be better.  I'll be more of whom I'm supposed to be.

I'll live life to the full.