Who is a good friend?  I've learned through the years that there are three great qualities of anyone whom we may call a friend.  Here they are: 1. A good friend never lies to you.  They always tell you the truth, straight up!  Even if it hurts.  Maybe even especially when it hurts!  They love you enough to tell you something that may be hurting your life and future hopes.  That's a true friend.

2. A good friend never leads you on.  They always let you know what's happening, never trying to get something from you for their own selfish needs.

3. A good friend will never confuse you.  You're not wondering constantly what they think, feel or want.  They clearly communicate in every possible way.

A good friend never lies to you, never leads you on and never confuses you.  If you have friends who do these three things consistently with you, you have not just a good friend, but a great friend!  Rejoice!  Life doesn't get much better with friends like these.