Today’s readings are Matthew 21 and 22.  Here are some “bullet” points for you to consider as you read these chapters with me: -21:13: Jesus intends God’s Temple in Jerusalem to be a “house of prayer.” I would think that’s what Jesus desires for his church buildings too, a primary place for worship and prayer.  But what about this thought?  Jesus/Paul also taught our physical bodies are the “temple of God” now.  Does this not mean that our primary focus should be worship and prayer?

-21:21: The power of prayer from Jesus.  Pray for something in God’s will, believe we’ve received it!  How many of us pray with this kind of faith conviction?

-22:!5ff: We are to pay our taxes.  God has ordered government to be his agent of protection and justice (see Romans 13:1ff).  But we’re also to pay God what he has ordered from us.  I need to ask this: Do you tithe to God?  Is that a passion from you to our Creator, acknowledging all is his?

-22::29ff: Is there any question that Jesus, God in human flesh, who came from eternity to this earth, taught, believed in the resurrection from the dead?

-22:43: In these verses, when Jesus refers to David writing Psalm 110:1 (and Jesus quotes it here), he says David wrote these words “speaking under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit”.  Is there any doubt Jesus believed that the Scripture and its authors all wrote their words under the absolute authority of the Holy Spirit.  It’s clear, isn’t it, that Jesus believed in the authority of the Bible!!

Have a wonderful day, trusting and believing in the One who gave us all life, today and forever, our Lord Jesus, the Christ!

AuthorCasey Shannon