Let me give you this tip in marriage I’ve learned. Your biggest problems are often caused by your unwillingness to invest the necessary energy to overcome a problem. I’ve been married to my wife for over thirty years. I love her dearly. She’s my best friend. We’re very close.

However, there have been moments in our marriage when we’ve really fought with one another. We have both said things we regret. I used to feel guilty about these fights. But I don’t anymore. Why? Because the fights proved that we were willing to expend the energy to face a certain problem and try to overcome it. The fight showed an area of conflict that was hindering our relationship from being all that it could be. Therefore, we spent time and energy trying to overcome it. We valued the relationship enough to fight for its health!

Don’t be too dismayed if you’re having conflict in your marriage. The conflict simply shows an area that’s hindering your relationship. Remove it, even if it takes a lot of energy. It’s worth doing so.