Romans 1 today (starting Romans for next couple of weeks!)...Paul says there is “no excuse” for not believing in God.  There’s creation...and conscience...all point to God’s existence.  But people continue to resist God’s promptings in their hearts.  So God practices what I jokingly call “Burger King” theology: have it your way.  He “gives them over to their lustful desires.  God lets us have our destructive ways, even if that means separating ourselves from him forever.  Our Creator will not force himself on us.  He loves us enough for us to choose not to love him in return. The list of destructive behaviors that are the result of God giving us over to our own lusts and desires in Romans is telling.  Read the chapter.  Study the list.  It’s telling for our times.  It should cause pause in us all.  We are Rome!

But Jesus came to restore us to the Father and then give us his restorative power to restore our broken images.  I pray you’ve received him today.  I pray you’ll know the life he alone can give.

AuthorCasey Shannon