Something startling smacked me in the face recently.  I read that there are over 60 million orphans in Africa caused by the AIDS pandemic.  Throughout the world, there are over 143 million orphans. Here's my question?  Why didn't I realize this problem?  I'd bet you didn't know it existed either.  Moreover, another thing that bothered me was that Hollywood actors and actresses have responded to this problem before I did.  And I'm supposed to be a person regularly seeking after God's heart!

Well, I am aware of the problem.  And so are you.  Let's do something about it.  Let's start researching ways we can get involved: by supporting a child with just a few dollars a month, maybe even adopting a child from overseas…or here in America…or foster care.

Let's not sit on the sidelines any more.  And let's not allow Hollywood celebrities to outdo us in caring for the needs of the world.