Here's a practical piece of advice I learned long ago from my Dad.  It's served me well.  I gladly share it with you today. He once said to me, "Son, don't ever make important life decisions when you are in a hurry or under pressure."  I've heard those words more than once in my life when facing a major decision.  His advice has helped me more than once.

Are you facing a major life decision today?  Is there something pressing on you that's forcing you to make a decision?  If so, if possible, give yourself some distance from the decision.  Give yourself some time before you make the decision.  Put it off as long as you can.  And, if you're under pressure, it's probably wise, if possible, to say "no."  Don't do it. Rushed decisions are usually bad decisions.

My Dad knew that truth.  I've now shared it with you.  It's a very valuable lesson to learn today…and all days!