I heard this truth the other day and I wanted to share it with you.  It reads, "If pride doesn't die in your heart, there's nothing that will ever be able to live in your heart." So true!  Pride is deadly.  It has no equal.  It must have highest priority in someone's life. It's always comparing us to others.  Even more, it must be better than someone else!  It always must be the best.  It must always win.  It demands to be served.  It exalts self like nothing else.  Pride is deadly.

Unless you kill pride, it will continue to fill your heart and demand first place.  No other good virtue can live in a heart filled with pride.  It must die before virtues like serving, caring, loving and giving can grow.

Kill pride today.  Say you no longer need to be number One.  Start giving your life away. Refuse to let pride have any more hold upon your life.

When done, you'll start to live freely like never before.