My Dad gave me this advice years ago.  I gladly share it with you today. Here it is: Don't ever make an important life decision when you are tired. It makes great sense, doesn't it?  When we are tired, we can't think straight.  When we are tired, everything we face seems too big.  When we are tired, we are listless and can't possibly think about scaling a huge life's mountain.

You say you're facing an important life's decision?  Then go home.  Go to bed and get some sleep. If possible, get some more sleep over several days. Eat correctly for a few days to refresh and replenish your body.  Get some good exercise the unleash natural energy boosters in your body and soul.  In other words, care for your body, soul and and spirit over several days.

After this needed rest, then move forward toward making an important life's decision. Then and only then will you have the necessary mental acumen to make a wise decision.