I heard this one the other day that I really like.  Someone said, "Live today in such a way that when you die even the undertaker will be sorry." Isn't that good?  Can you imagine your life being so thoughtful, caring, giving, serving and blessing others that when you die there are thousands of mourning people over your loss in the world, but even the undertaker, who didn't know you, who had never met you, but sees your positive impact upon the lives of so many people, they he too cries at your funeral!

What a great image!  What a wonderful vision for your life.  Someone once said, when confronting a problem, begin with the end in mind.  Look at what you want something to be like at its finish, then start working toward that end.

Let's follow this advice with our lives.  Let's have a vision of the undertaker at our funeral, who doesn't even know us, crying because of this city's loss with our passing.

Then let's start living in a way that causes the undertaker's tears.