I believe in prayer.  I believe in the power of prayer.  There have been too many times when I've seen God work the miraculous through the prayers of faithful people.  I truly believe that nothing is impossible with God. But I also believe this too: we are often called to be the answers to someone else's prayers.  As I am praying for God to hear and answer my prayers, so are many other people.  Others, just like I am, are seeking the Almighty for answers to their dire needs.

If this is true, and I know it is, maybe, just maybe you or I am the answer to someone else's prayers!  How can we know?  Get silent for a few moments and listen to that still small voice inside.  See if it's not speaking to you to go to someone and help him or her. See if it's not guiding you to another's needs.  If you hear the voice, then go do what it tells you to do!

You just may discover that you're the answer to the prayers they've been asking.  And there is no better feeling in the world.