Recently, I heard someone say this: "The people who tell you you can't are often the very people who are concerned you will."  Read the quote.  It's really profound. What's it saying?  Simply that critics surround you.  Sometimes they even disguise themselves as your closest friends.  When they hear about your dreams, they start throwing up roadblocks.  They start tell you that you can't possibly succeed.  They rain on your dreams.

But please realize this truth behind their words: often they don't want you to succeed because they are threatened with your success!  Therefore, they tell you you can't because they are very concerned you will.  You threaten them.  On the outside they may tell you they want you to succeed.  But inside they are hoping you want.

How do you know?  It's simple.  Listen to their words.  If they are negative, discouraging, bet they are threatened.

Then pursue your dreams!