My Dad told me this one and I want to pass it on to you today.  He said to me all the time, "Son, don't ever, ever, make a decision when you are tired.  It's dangerous.  Seldom do you make the right decision." I've never forgotten his advice.  There's been more than once in my life when I've had to make an important life's decision.  Yet in the process of long days of work, or restless night's sleep, or just the hum drum of every day living, I've been tired.  I knew I wasn't in a good state of mind to make a decision.

What to do?  Something relaxing.  Go take a long walk.  Do an intense work-out that unleashes serotonin in your system.  Take a long shower.  Try to get a good night's sleep. Do everything you can do to get rested and relaxed.

Then, and only then, make your decision.  Then you've given yourself the best opportunity to make a good, wise decision.  You've given yourself what you need to think clearly which most often leads to wise decisions.

I hope my Dad's advice to me years ago has helped you today!