There are three things in my life how my faith has helped me.  I joyously share these thoughts with you today: 1. God always has a lift for my sorrow.

2. God always has a hope for my tomorrow.

3. God always has a plan for my problems.

4. God always has a bulldozer for my mountains.

5. God always has a bridge for my floods.

Read these truths over and over again.  Whether your sorrow seems too glum…or your tomorrow seems too scary…or your problems seem too huge…or your mountains seem too high…or your floods seem too swift and deep…

God knows.  He is in control.  There's nothing, absolutely nothing, in our lives that is too great for his sovereign grace and power.  If you believe this, really believe it, you'll see the power of faith in your lives.  You'll see God work in ways you never dreamed possible.

Keep believing!  You're one day closer to God's answer.