I Corinthians 5 and 6 today. Paul, in these two chapters, addresses several real life situations in the Corinthian church.  First, there is a man living with his father’s wife.  This man calls himself a Christian.  Paul recognizes the unbelievers live like this but not Christ followers!  He adjures the Corinthians to excommunicate this man and place him “into Satan’s hands” (vs 5) so that his sinful nature will be destroyed but his soul will be saved. The Corinthians boasted of their “spirituality” but did nothing with this kind of heinous sin in the church!  Church discipline is found throughout the Scripture.  It must be practiced for the church to be “pure” and “true” (vs 8).

Chapter 6 continues with issues besetting the Corinthian church.  There were lawsuits springing up among believers (vss 1-8).  Paul adjures these Christians to be able to settle them among themselves without outside help.  His argument: if Christ reconciled you to God, surely you can settle these issues and be reconciled to one another.

The last half of chapter 6 deals with sexual sin.  Paul lists many of the sins that WERE a part of their lives (vss 9,10—read the list...you’ll find yourself there some place) and, again, note Paul puts these sins in the past tense: WERE!  Paul says particularly that our bodies were not made for sexual immorality.  God’s intention: sex inside marriage alone, within the boundaries of a committed, heterosexual, monogamous relationship (see Genesis 2:24—God’s original intent for marriage and sex).  Whenever we have sex with anyone other than our spouse a part of us is left with that person: we become one flesh with that person.  That was God’s design for this relationship.

Therefore, if sex is only for our spouse:

-Run away from sexual sin (vs 18). -Don’t sin against your own body this way. -The body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit (vs 19). -Jesus paid for our lives thru the Cross, honor him with faithfulness with our bodies HE owns (vs 20).

Practical application for our lives from the apostle Paul.  Can you imagine a world, a kingdom, where all obeyed God like this?

AuthorCasey Shannon