I heard this the other day, really liked it and wanted to share it with you today.  It's called a maxim for life, a way to enjoy your day to the full. It reads: "As you go through your day, smile like you'll never cry.  Fight like you'll never lose.  Love like you'll never be hurt.  Live like there's no tomorrow."

Focus on each one:

1. Smile like you'll never cry.  Force your mouth upward.  Feelings of joy may soon follow.

2. Fight like you'll never lose.  Whatever you're facing, don't give up!  Refuse to lose!

3. Love like you'll never be hurt.  It's better to have loved a little than never to have loved at all.

4. Live like there's no tomorrow.  There may not be a tomorrow.  So live today to the full.

I hope this makes your day go a bit better today.  Remember: there is always hope for a better tomorrow!