I Corinthians 7 and 8 today.  From I Corinthians 7, here are some thoughts: -God’s design for marriage is one man and one woman (vs. 2).

-in marriage, the husband and the wife should provide for each other sexually so that Satan cannot have an opportunity for temptation.  The only exception is if they refrain for a season “for prayer” (vs 5).

-singleness is not a curse but can be a gift for it allows the person to concentrate on advancing God’s kingdom.

-it’s best you not leave an unbelieving spouse.  You may be God’s instrument to bring him/her to faith in Jesus Christ.

-if your sexual lusts are too great, go ahead and marry!  Marriage is not a bad thing.  Paul has a preference as a single person, knowing that he has no family restraints.  He is free to preach the Gospel whenever and wherever.

Regarding I Corinthians 8, it’s very similar to Romans 14.  It’s Paul’s advice to more mature believers about how to handle and be a witness to younger, less mature followers of Jesus.  It’s the “should I eat meat offered to idols?” question again.  Paul’s answer, consistent with Romans 14, is: if your freedom in Christ causes them to stumble or sin, don’t do it.  More mature believers have a responsibility to younger believers to help them walk faithfully.  That’s a part of Christian maturity.

May all of you have a beautiful, wonderful day in Christ!

AuthorCasey Shannon