Today's verse is Mark 15:15: "And he said to them, 'Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.'" In one of his resurrection appearances to his disciples, Jesus commands them to "Go into all the world."  It's not an option for followers of Jesus.  It's a command, given from the Christian's Commander in Chief.

What is the message the Christian is to preach?  It is the gospel.  The term means "good news."  What is the good news?  You can only understand its meaning by focusing first on the bad news.  What is the bad news?  It's that we humans are desperately lost.  We are enemies of God, living life on our own.  We've rebelled against his ways.  We are deserving of God's eternal judgment and separation from him.  We are hopelessly dead in our sins and trespasses.

When someone realizes the severity of the bad news, they really appreciate the good news.  What is the good news?  It is despite our wretched, sinful condition, God so loved us that he became one of us, enshrouded in human flesh, a babe in a manger.  God's name is Jesus, which means "Savior."  He grew up and lived the righteous life we could never live ourselves.  He then died on a cross, taking the just punishment due us upon himself.  Now God, through Christ, offers all in their sins forgiveness by grace through faith.  It can't be earned.  It's a free gift.  Now we have eternal life, a personal relationship with God through the work of Jesus Christ!

This "good news" is what people need to hear.  It's the hope of the world.

And to where should this gospel be preached?  Jesus said hroughout the whole world, in all creation everywhere.

That's what every follower of Jesus is commanded to do.  Our mission field is between our feet.  The gospel is meant for people in our every day's world.  But Christians are also to be concerned for the world knowing Jesus.

Many people today are asking if we are in the end times.  They look at current events and conclude Jesus must be returning soon.

Only the Father knows when Jesus will return (Mark 13:32).  But Jesus did say that he will not return until all the world, every people group and nation, have heard the gospel (Mark 13:10).  As of this moment, there are still 12,000 people groups who have never heard the gospel, 40% of whom live in India alone!

Therefore, instead of focusing on the end times, Christians should focus on the ends of the earth.  Until everyone everywhere has heard the gospel, Christians must be focused on the gospel being taken to the ends of the earth.

The command is clear from Jesus: "Go!"  Some call it the "Great Go!"  It's not an option.  If we're on Jesus' team, we're commanded to get in the game and do what he desires.

If we don't, and Jesus is our eternal coach, can we really say we're on his team?