Today's verses are John 1:3,4: "All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made.  In him was life, and the life was the light of men." My child, believe today that I made everything in this world.  There is not one atom that came into existence without my authority calling it into existence.  If one atom is outside my perfect, sovereign control, then every atom is outside my perfect, sovereign control. I made all and I control all.  Therefore, trust me with your life and all that has happened, is happening and will happen to you.  There is nothing, absolutely nothing, I'm not overseeing.  I'm using it for your good and my glory in ways you can't begin to understand.  Trust me.  Trust my oversight over you.  Trust every area of your life to me.  I created all.

Take some moments today to enjoy the world around you.  Look at the trees, the grass, the flowers and the leaves.  They were all created by me for you to enjoy.  Take in the colors all around you.  Enjoy my tapestry of colors all around you.  I created this world for you to live in and richly enjoy!

Everything in all the world was created through me, including your body.  I knit you together in your mother's womb.  You were not a mistake.  You were not created by fiat.  I made you, the way you are.  You are wondrously created in my sight.  If I could make you again, I would make you exactly the way I made you!  You are beautiful and lovely in every possible way.  According to heaven's standards, you are magnificently gorgeous.  You could not be more beautiful to me!  I find you lovely beyond words.

I love life.  I made life.  In me there is nothing but a commitment to life.  Death, evil and darkness were never supposed to be a part of my good, life-giving nature.  Therefore, live your life to the full today.  Enjoy every minute, every second.  Rejoice in the breath you inhale, the food you ingest.  Put your hand on your heart several times today and feel the next beat of your heart.  Laugh and rejoice when you do!  I love life!  It's a gift from me to you.  Also, strive to help and give life to others.  Since I am life and I live in you, I want you to help create a culture of life, not death and disorder.  That would be a part of my will for you.

Finally, I am perfect light.  I show paths in darkness.  I give you your next steps. I will be a light to your feet throughout your day.  Walk closely with me today.  I reveal truth.  Trust me.  Follow me.  I will show you your way.  I will show you your way home.

I am life and light.  I am your perfect life and light.  Draw close to me today.  I promise I'll be close to you.