Did you know this truth?  You're never more vulnerable than when you love someone.  It's absolutely true.  Love is simply giving someone else the power to destroy your life, but believing they won't. The ability to love and be loved is a major psychological force within us all.  We all want to give and receive love in this life.  When this doesn't happen, we feel deprived and sad. Often we even look for love in all the wrong places, hurting us in ways we never dreamed possible.

It's never going to go away.  Our desire to love and be loved will forever consume our hearts.

That's why it's very wise to realize that true love is giving someone the power to destroy you.  It is making yourself terribly vulnerable to another person.  But it's also believing that as you give your life away, as you make yourself vulnerable, the other person won't hurt you.  They won't take advantage of you.

When you find a person like this, you've found a wondrous reason for living.  You've found a key for a meaningful life.