Are you an approval addict?  We all know about alcohol addicts, or drug addicts.  We know about sex addicts.  What's an approval addict?  It's needing the approval of people in order to feel good about yourself.  Approval addicts give of themselves, over and over again, to other people.  They exhaust themselves in service to others.  Then they can't understand why this love is not reciprocated. Are you an approval addict?  If so, be honest with yourself.  Confess it.  Refuse to allow it power over your life any longer.  It's destructive.  It can kill you, as real as alcohol or drug or sex addictions.  It's relentless.  It never ceases.

You were not created to live under the bondage of other people's opinions.

Please remember this truth: If you live for the approval of others, it will devastate you when they reject you.  People make lousy gods.  Remember this truth and you will be saved from a lot of heartache.