Today's verse is John 1:13: "...who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God." My child, you are my child by my strength and my strength alone.  No one is my child simply by physical birth or ethnic descent.  No one, by human strength, can become my child.  My children can only be my children by my supernatural work through the power of my Holy Spirit.

Do you understand?  Your heart, before meeting me, was dead in its sins and trespasses.  Your heard was as creation before I spoke it into existence: formless and void.  The only way creation could come into existence is if I spoke a word and, from nothing, created all.  Creation was completely my work.  The Holy Spirit hovered over creation to make it what it is.  The Holy Spirit hovered over your formless and void heart to make it what it is.  The new creation of your heart, being born by my Holy Spirit, is entirely my supernatural work.

You must be born again.  To be my child, you must have me birth my new life in your heart.  It is entirely my work.  It is solely by my strength.  I perform this new birth by my power and my grace.  That way, I and I alone receive the glory.  Your movement from rebel to my child is my work of grace.  There is nothing meritorious within you to make me want to make you my child..  I birthed my life within you and made you my child, placing my Spirit's presence within you, only because of my grace and love for you.

Never forget this fact.  This new birth in your heart is the source of all humility.  Who are you that I would choose to make you my child?  You are my child because I chose to make you my child, to birth my life within you.  It is the source of all worship.  Your worship of me is rooted only in my grace, in the fact that I chose to birth my new life within you and make you my child. It is the source of daily thanksgiving.  You live each moment in grateful praise knowing I chose you to be my child and gave you everything you have!  It is the source of all your service for me.  You desire to serve me only because of the way I have served you, rescued you from death to life, from enmity to friendship, from rebel to my own child.

My child, live today in the awesome wonder of the new birth within your heart.  Live today in amazing grace that I would place my spiritual life within you.  Live today knowing that if I placed my Spirit within you, birthed by my power, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that you will face that I won't be present with you to face.

I am your eternal Father.  I love you.  You are my beloved child.  I will take care of you, today and always.

That is my eternal promise to you.