Did you know that there are studies that prove a direct connection between friendship and fat?  It's true!  There is now a scientific connection between friendship and fat. A rather recent discovery shows the way that weight gain is influenced by close relationships.  A 2007 study of 12,067 people found that obesity can spread from person to person!  If one person is overweight, that person's friend is probably 57% more likely to come overweight.  There was little to no impact when a neighbor gained or lost weight. Interestingly, family members did not have has impact as friends did.

My Dad used to say to me all the time when growing up, "Son, friends are like elevators. They'll either take you up or take you down."  My Dad was very wise.  But I don't think he ever connected weight gain with friendship!

Therefore, let's choose our friends wisely.  They may be the source of cardiac problems…and no friend is worth that deathly problem!