Today's verses are John 1:17,18: "For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.  No one has ever seen God; the only God, who is at the Father's side, he has made him known." My child, the law that I gave to Moses is good.  It was an historic event of extraordinary importance when I wrote those commandments at Mount Sinai.  It shows my righteous requirements for all people everywhere.  My desire is that every person everywhere obey perfectly my righteous law: every day and every second of every day.  I want all to be holy as I am holy.  But no one does.  No one is perfectly righteous, not one.

That is why I came, full of grace and truth.  In my perfect truth I show how each person falls far short of the Father's glory in obeying the law.  I show how I lived the perfect, human life, meeting all the righteous requirements of the law in my life.  I did what no human could do.  On the cross, I show my perfect grace, taking upon myself the punishment for all the times and ways you broke God's perfect, moral law.  That should have been your cross upon which I died. But I paid the penalty for all your sin.  My life was filled with perfect grace and truth for all humanity to see.

No one has ever seen the Father face to face.  No one could do so and live.  His perfect holiness would kill immediately any sinful human who is in the presence of a holy God.  The Father is the only, true, unique God.  There is none like him.  He wanted all humanity to know his grace and truth.  He wanted all humans to know how much he is pursuing them in his grace and truth.  Yet how could they know this grace and truth if no one can see the Father face to face?

That is why he asked me, his only Son, to take on human flesh.  The best way to communicate with humanity was to become a human, just like the best way for a human to communicate with ants, if all power was given to him, to warn the ants of an impending danger, would be to become an ant.  The Father, Holy Spirit and I saw the danger of sin separating you forever from our presence.  Therefore, I put on human flesh so that you could see the Father, know his grace and truth, see his plan for you, look into his face and live.

I have made the Father known to you.  You've now looked into his face and lived.  You have now known his profound grace and truth.

May your heart today be filled with my grace and truth.  May you know the extent to which the Father would go to pursue you with his grace and truth.  I will never let you go.  I will continue to pursue you no matter how far you may run away.

The proof is I came.  I put on human flesh and came to you.  You were that important to the Father, Spirit and me for all eternity.

I love you.