True love is when the other is attentive in the relationship.  Relational damage comes when someone become self-absorbed and unwilling to be attentive to the other person. As someone once said, "Love is knowing the song in someone else's heart and remembering the words when they forget."

Paying attention to the other is a powerful form of serving that builds attachment. Research has shown that one of the most powerful development mechanisms for infants is the amount of eye contact they receive.  Starting in infancy, the eye contact they receive sets the stage of noticing if others are noticing us, if they are paying attention.

In other words, when kids walk into a room, they want to know that their parents' eyes are lighting up.  They want to believe the eyes of the other are watching!

Therefore, parents, make sure you spend a lot of time making eye contact with your kids. It's a very important part of their maturation and development.