Here is a great leadership principle: lead with the spirit of yes, not no.  Call it a service of yes, or a can do attitude.  It's still the same.  Great leadership boils down to leading with a yes instead of a no. A researcher named John Gottman has found that for a marriage to survive, the ratio of positive to negative emotions needs to be five to one.  Yes, you heard me correctly: five to one!

Why is this?  The spirit of yes has as its foundation love and respect for the other.  It has as its motivation serving the other and caring for their needs above your own.  It affirms the other.  It objects to the dirty look, the negative glance.  It will take on risks but always take responsibility if things go wrong.

Great leadership piles on affirmation after affirmation.  It will raise concerns with others. But it always realizes the need for five yes's to every one know.

Research proves it.  Great leadership knows it.  People like positive attitudes in their leaders!