A very important aspect of relationships is accountability.  It holds truth to us like a mirror and makes us responsible for gaps in our lives and relationships. We go to great lengths to avoid accountability.  It can point out areas where I need to change.  We must be open that some of our best accountability could come from people we dislike, fear or distrust.  That's ok.  The truth is what we want.  We want to become better, that's the goal.

Willingness to confront another and his or her issues should be an avenue of love.  It's for the benefit of the person to help them be better in a relationship.  We must give others this accountability. It's necessary to do so.

There is no growth in relationships without accountability.  With whom are you accountable.  Who helps you grow?  Who points our your blind spots?  It may be someone you don't like.  That doesn't matter.  What matters is truth and your growth.