Are you feeling a bit discouraged today?  Is depression seeping into your soul? If so, above all else, don't isolate!  Mother Teresa once said, "The world's greatest disease is not poverty, it is loneliness."

Prolonged separation and isolation can destroy people.  The Una-bomber, Ronald Reagan's attempted assassin, John Hinckley, the shooters at Columbine, the perpetrator of the Virginia Tech massacre and the shooter at the Sandy Hook disaster, were all isolated.  They were all alienated individuals who committed horrific, heinous, evil crimes.

We were made for relationships.  We were never intended to be alone. Isolation and loneliness can become terribly dangerous and dysfunctional.

So if you're feeling discouraged or depressed today, please don't isolate yourself.  Get involved in a service project.  Be a part of a church or synagogue or some kind of religious group.  When you're depressed, that's when you need others the most!