2 Corinthians 10 today.  Some insights for us all: -Vss 3,4: though we are human, we can’t fight the powers and principalities of the invisible, malevolent world with human strength. “We use God’s might weapons, not mere worldly weapons to knock down the Devil’s strongholds.”  Our best weapons: the Word of God and prayer.  They always have been.  They always will be.

-Vs 7ff: Paul is defending his call as an apostle, especially in the area of having authority over the Corinthians church.  The authority came to him by Jesus as an apostle.  The charge basically was that Paul was strong in letters but in person he was weak and timid.  He was said not to be very eloquent, therefore shouldn’t be taken seriously.  For all of us who struggle, from time to time, with defensiveness, let’s take a page from Paul’s playbook!  He defended himself!  He said he WAS an apostle, called by Jesus and DID have authority over the Corinthian church. Moreover, he said, when he came to see them again, face to face, they’d see just how timid he was and how his personal presence matched the authority of his words.

But Paul never boasted in this authority.  He boasted only in Christ.  Vs. 17: “The person who wishes to boast should boast only of what the Lord has done.  All we have comes from our Lord Jesus, especially eternal life.  We are nothing, Christ is everything.

So Paul defends himself, his stature and calling while also humbly saying it all comes from God.  He depends not on human ingenuity for his calling but spiritual weapons, primarily the Word of God and prayer.

Not a bad message for all of us today.  We’re not called to be wimps but stand for truth...but solely because it is the Lord who gives us strength.  Therefore, he receives all the glory.

Have a great day!

AuthorCasey Shannon