Today's verses are John 1:43,44: "The next day Jesus decided to go to Galilee.  He found Philip and said to him, 'Follow me.'  Now Philip was from Bethsaida, the city of Andrew and Peter." My child, learn from the simple words I said to Philip: "Follow me."  He most likely had a Greek ancestry, with his name being Greek.  I yearn for all people everywhere, from all different backgrounds, every person everywhere, to follow me.  My life inside you is for everyone everywhere, of every ethnicity, tribe and color.  I love the world.  I died for the world.  I died for you!

And notice how I called Philip.  I simply said to him, "Follow me."  I did not call him to follow a number of rules and regulations.  I did not call him to obey traditions. These have their place and importance.  But that's not how I called him.

I simply said to him, "Follow me."  When anyone comes to me, they are following me.  They have my life inside them.  Therefore, they live like me.  They do what I did.  Any obedience that flows from their lives is a "want to" not a "have to."  Once a life has been transformed by my inward grace and power, there's an intense motivation to do as I do, live as I lived, to follow me.

Do you know my inward love and grace?  Do you realize my forever forgiveness?  Do you know how wildly and deeply I pursued you, leaving the splendor of heaven to enter the squalor of this world, to have a relationship with you?  Do you know the depth and width, the height and the breadth of my eternal love for you?  Do you know if you were the only person on this planet, I'd still have come to die for you and be raised to eternal life so you alone could have entrance into my eternity?  That's how much I passionately love you.

If you understand this love, simply follow me.  Let the life I've placed inside you today guide you to serve me today.  Be willing to go wherever I may call you.  Be willing to serve me to whomever I tell you needs my love.  Be my hands.  Be my feet.  Be my mouthpiece to those who may need an encouraging, loving word.  You are mine.  I am yours.

Follow me today.  As my Spirit prompts you inwardly, obey me.  Be holy as I am holy.  Let the world, by your obedience, see a difference in who you are and how you live.  Desire to obey me.  Desire to follow my laws because of my love in you. You are different because I love you.  You are different because you follow me, not the siren calls of a selfish, self-aggrandized, degraded world.

Hear again and again my eternal grace and love for you.

Because of this love, today, follow me.  I will use you for my purposes and glory.

I promise.