Daily I remember different teachings and phrases my Dad taught me.  Today one kept coming to my mind that I wanted to share with you. Dad would say to me over and over again, "Son, God didn't place us on this planet to please other people.  He placed us on this planet to serve other people."

How true is this phrase!  People make lousy gods.  It's impossible to have them like you all the time.  Therefore, if you spend your time incessantly trying to please others, you will forever be disappointed.  There will always be someone who doesn't like you, someone who doesn't feel like you're coming through enough for them.  They become merciless taskmasters!

But if you realize that you are on earth to serve people, then there are endless opportunities before you!  Moreover, you don't live for the approval of those you're serving. It's totally unimportant.  You live solely to serve them, not have their approval.

If you understand this truth from my Dad, you'll be free…free from others' opinions…free to love and serve them, not trying to get anything from them.

Thanks again, Dad, for wise words by which to live!