Most of you who have listened to me through the years know how much my Dad meant to me.  He left this world several years ago.  But his life messages still resonate in my head today. Here's another one he taught me: "Son, the road to hell is paved with vain regrets and wasted opportunities."

I've never forgotten that teaching.  He was trying to teach me to live each day to the full, seizing every moment so that I wouldn't ever look back and regret missing something.  He never wanted me to regret missing a grand opportunity.

Perhaps Dad's teaching is meaningful for you today, too.  Perhaps there's an opportunity before you that you're afraid to take.  Perhaps you feel the urge to take it by there's the analysis of paralysis going on within you.  I can't counsel you what you should do.  But I would remind you of my Dad's words.  Will you one day regret not taking it?  Could this be a missed opportunity?

The pain of trying a new path isn't nearly as painful as the painful road of vain regrets and missed opportunities.

That is truly the road to hell.