Galatians 3 today.  Here was the problem with the Galatians.  Paul had come to them earlier, preached the Gospel of grace, our relationship with God can only be by grace through faith and not works of the Law.  Many had received Christ!  Now, after the Judaizers had come and preached that these new Gentile converts must also be circumcised according to Jewish Law, Paul begins this chapter with a telling question: “Who has bewitched you?”  It’s a third person singular question.  The “who” implies a person.  I wonder if it’s the evil one to whom Paul is referring. The evil one wants us to believe that salvation and all life’s blessings must be earned by works.  The message of grace is antithetical to him.  That’s why Paul continues throughout chapter 3 with questions like: “Did you receive the Holy Spirit by keeping the Law?” (vss 2,5).  Of course not.  We received the Holy Spirit by grace through faith.  Vs 6: We are declared righteous by God by faith, not works.

The only way we can be righteous by the Law is to keep every single one of the laws of God (vs 10—quoting Deut 27:28).  The example Paul uses is Abraham himself (vs 15ff).  God made a promise through Abraham that all the nations of the world would be blessed through him.  The Law came through Moses 430 years later.  Abraham received the promise from God by faith, yet the Law was much later.  So how does a promise come to us from God?  How does the promise of eternal life come to us?  It must be through faith.  The Law then is a “guardian” or a “teacher” (vs 24).  It guards right behavior but it also teaches us that we fall far short of God’s intention for us.  Therefore, only faith in Christ can give  us God’s promises.

In Christ, we are one family (vs 28).  In Christ, we are heirs of all the promises God has for us (vs 29) grace through faith.

Don’t let anyone deceive you differently about this message.

AuthorCasey Shannon