Life is hard sometimes.  It's really, really hard sometimes.  Most all of us have reached a stage during those tough times when we've wanted to give up and cash in our chips! Here's a thought on why we should keep moving forward.  What if the trial we're going through is shaping us into maturity?  What if growth in life can only occur through times of trial and testing?

Put another way: Would you be more positive, strong and persevering in a tough time if you were absolutely, unequivocally convinced that good would eventually come from it? Inside, you just knew that you knew that there was a power in the universe, who oversees all, and is using this very tough time to mold you into the person he wants and needs you to be?

I think it would change how we viewed the trial.  I think we'd approach our difficulties with a much more positive, encouraging attitude.

Guess what?  That's exactly what's going on!  That's what's happening.  So don’t give up. There' stuff going on behind the scenes for your good you can't begin to imagine.