Today's verse is John 3:16: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." My child, this verse summarizes, better than any other one in the Bible, my amazing love for you.  Look carefully at each word and phrase.

"For..." this word connects the last words of verse 15: "but have eternal life."  This verse's purpose is to tell you and all people everywhere how to have eternal life.

"God so loved the world..." This would have been an astounding statement for Nicodemus and all to hear.  My Father's covenant love is not only for God's people in Israel, but for all people everywhere, including you.  All people everywhere are the objects of the Father's love.  How is this known?

"That he gave his only Son..." The Father's love is not mere sentiment, flabby feelings, but a specific action.  The Father sent me, his only, beloved Son, me, to earth as a man.  I came to this earth to suffer and die, to bear the penalty for your sin upon my body.  When you accept my gift of eternal life, you received my Father's righteousness, which you didn't deserve, by my death, which I didn't deserve.  All this was done for you because of the Father's great love for you.

"That whoever believes in him..." This grand statement is for anyone who personally trusts in me.  The "whoever" is for people who will humbly receive this gift of eternal life that is offered to them.

"Should not perish..." This is the bad news of the Gospel of grace.  You can never fully appreciate the good news of my gift of eternal life until you also understand the bad news of eternal separation from the Father unless you receive this gift.  The Father is pure and holy, without sin.  Anyone trying to enter his presence without their sin having been forgiven must be rejected from his presence.  It's not that he wants to.  He loves the world.  But he hast to, just as a healthy human body violently rejects bad germs that enter.  It's the natural reaction of health to something unhealthy.

"But have eternal life..." But the Father in heaven wants no one to perish.  His will is that no one would be rejected from his presence at death.  That's why I came.  That's my mission in my incarnation.  I came to seek and save that which was lost.  I came to rescue the perishing and give them eternal life.  When you fully know that from which I saved you, eternal death, and the destination now given you, eternal life, you never doubt my eternal love.  You know my eternal presence.  You realize my promise never to leave you or forsake you is real.

Is the "whoever" in this verse you?  Do you believe in me?  Do you believe I died on the cross to forgive you of your personal sins?  Have you accepted my gift of eternal life today?  Do you know my personal eternal love and presence, extended to you through the cross and resurrection?  If so...

You can trust me today.