Today's verse is John 3:17: "For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him." My child, why did my Father send me, his only Son, into the world?  Did you know, in my day, that when a messenger was sent it is like the sender sending himself?  When the message was being delivered by the messenger, it was like the one listening to the message was hearing the voice of the one sending the message!

I am the beloved, only Son sent by my Father to you and everyone who lives on this earth.  The One who originated my call to come is my Father who is in heaven.  He is the One who sent me.  My incarnation, my becoming a human being, was originally in his heart.  My life and message is his life and message.  When I speak, I speak for him.  When I speak to you, you are hearing his voice.

What is my message?  Why did I come in my first incarnation?  It was not to condemn the world. If ever you hear a voice of condemnation in your heart, it is not from me.  If you hear words like, "You're not worthy.  You'll never measure up.  You are worthless.  You have no value.  You deserve the worst punishment possible for you sin.  How could anyone love you?," these words are not from me.  I did not enter the world to condemn you.

I came to save you.  I saw how lost you were.  I saw your life wandering to nowhere.  I saw the terrible decisions you were making, ones that most certainly led to destructive behavior and consequences.  I saw your ultimate, eventual, eternal destination if you continued heading down this path away from the Father: destruction and separation from the One who created and loves you.  I came to save you from this destruction.  I came to save you from this eternal separation from the Father in heaven.  I came to rescue you from the power of sin and death, both now and forever.

The words you should hear in your heart from me are, "I love you.  You are the crown of my creation.  I want to forgive your sins and give you new life and hope.  Look at the cross and see how much I love you.  Please know that every one of your sins that have separated you from the Father's presence have now been absorbed by me.  They are forever forgiven!  Accept my love.  Live in my love!  I came to save you, to free you, to live with and through you forever!

My child, there is no condemnation for those who live in my forgiving grace.  Refuse to listen to the voice of the accuser!  He hates you.  He wants to destroy you.  One of his strongest weapons of destruction is condemnation.

But I love you.  I came to save you.  I came to indwell you forever.  I came to give you hope in your despair, strength in your weakness, energy in your depression and my presence in your loneliness.

Please receive these truths!  If you do...

You can trust me today.