If you want marital success, here's a tip that can't be overlooked: make your spouse your best friend. Yes, I know the importance for wives to have a gaggle of girlfriends.  Yes, I know the importance for husbands to have a group of guy friends.  That's not open for debate.

However, our best friend, to make our marriages all they're supposed to be, should be our spouse.  That means weekly time when you simply get together and talk about your lives, your kids' lives and anything else that may come up.  It means having a weekly "date" time, a time when the two of you just have some fun.  You won the other by wooing and dating each other.  The process should continue!

After all, it's easy to leave your spouse.  We see it every day across the landscape of American marriages.  But It's very, very difficult to leave your best friends.

Husbands/wives, be each other's best friend!