Today's verse is John 3:24: "(for John had not yet bee put in prison)." My child, my servant John, when he wrote this Gospel, wanted all his readers to be alerted to the fact that everything that had happened up to this point was before John had been arrested by Herod and placed in prison.  John was with his followers as he baptized people for the repentance of their sins.

After baptizing multitudes of people, as one of my prophets in the same mode as Elijah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah and other Old Testament prophets, John spoke against Herod's godless marriage to Herodias.  Herod had stolen her from his brother and married her, causing a public scandal.  John also confronted Herod on many other evil things he had done.  As a result of John's courageous confrontations, Herod locked up John in prison.  Eventually, Herod had John's head cut off.

I want you to observe John's courage today.  Courage isn't fearlessly facing a person or issue and speaking out against it.  It's facing a situation and knowing the consequences may not be too pleasant and still speaking out against it.  It's standing for my truth, like John did, no matter what.

Be courageous for me today, especially if it's difficult.  Stand for truth about morality, marriage, life, relationships, serving and giving.  Those who have faithfully followed my through the ages have been courageous.  Some have been alienated and rejected by friends and family.  Some have been thrown into prison because they stood for me.  But they were courageously faithful to me.

Stand for my truth today.  Do not be afraid to do so.  Those who courageously stand for my truth are called "blessed." There will be an excessive reward given to my children in heaven who have been persecuted for standing for my truth and righteousness and still remained faithful to me.  John's stand against Herod eventually cost him his life.  Yet he stands close to my throne, close to me, in heaven today.

I am full of grace and truth.  Both must operate for the fulness of my life to be experienced on this earth.  Grace without truth become mushy sentimentalism.  Truth without grace become hardened legalism.  Live your life in the perfect balance of grace and truth.  You are to stand for my truth while also passionately loving your neighbor.  Both positions allow you daily to grow more and more into my image.

I am the way, the truth and the life.  As you seek me, you must seek all truth.

Courageously walk in my truth today and always, no matter what the cost.  Your reward in heaven will be great when you do.  Know too, as you stand for my truth, I will be with you, as as I was with John, every step of the way, especially today.

And, if this is true, you can trust me today.