Here's a leadership truth I've learned through the years: suspicion can kill a leadership organization.  You begin to suspect someone is not being loyal, or not working hard enough, or not pulling his weight.  You don't address it.  It goes on and on and on and your suspicions grow.  Soon, you no longer trust the person.  And when trust erodes, all organizations erode too. What to do?  When the first suspicion arises, go and talk with the other person.  Raise your concerns.  Ask your questions.  Listen to their answers.  See if you believe them or not.  It may well be that the other has valid reasons for your wrong observations.  If so, then you can work with them to get the information and results you desire.  If not, then perhaps your suspicions are valid and more drastic action is needed.

Either way, letting the suspicions go unaddressed are potentially dangerous and destructive for your team and organization.

Don't let me go on for another day.  Address them immediately.

You'll be glad as a leader that you did.