Colossians 2 today. There are two major thoughts in this chapter to help build our faith. Here they are: First note vs 10. In Christ the fullness of the Godhead dwell. Paul makes a clear claim here – Jesus is God. It’s the bulwark of the Christian faith. As much as possible, God poured himself into Jesus, God in human flesh. Paul is refuting false teaching in Colossae suggesting Jesus is not God. The apostle Paul clarifies this message with this verse, doesn’t he?

Second, at the end of the chapters, please note what happened on the Cross through the Resurrection. Satan was disarmed and made a spectacle in heaven. There was a parade in heaven where all the angels and the saints saw the enemy as defeated and humiliated. For us, we followers of Jesus need to realize the enemy has no power over us. He IS defeated. Believe it. Walk in it. Jesus, who is God, is Lord over all! We praise him!

Walk in faith!

AuthorCasey Shannon