The quarterback is the most important position on the football team.  Everything rises and falls on the quarterback's capabilities.  Every successful NFL team knows that the most important position to fill is the quarterback position.  And when a team has a franchise quarterback, the rest is easier to build. Here's a leadership lesson that every great quarterback knows: you must have amnesia regarding the last play.  You must quickly forget mistakes!  Yes, learn from them.  But then quickly forget them.

Why?  Because you can't dwell in the past.  No one can effectively drive a car by looking in the rear view mirror.  But there's a more important reason you need to quickly forget the past play: the next one is coming.  Within literal seconds, the team is lining up for the next play.  Therefore, you must look ahead!

Leaders, be amnesiacs today.  Learn from past failures.  Quickly forget them.  And get ready for the next play.

It's a great lesson from NFL quarterbacks for all leaders today!