I've learned this leadership lesson through the years.  I hope it helps you today. Here it is: Be faithful in the little details today.  You may find the little details you oversaw today become the big deals tomorrow!

It's true, isn't it?  We manage the small "stuff" today because it may become big "stuff" tomorrow.  The smallest decision today, something we may think is insignificant today, may become a huge, magnified deal tomorrow.

Therefore, as you contemplate today's decisions, even the seemingly small ones, be very careful.  Make a wise, correct decision.  Make sure it's the one you know needs to be made.

Why?  Because it may become much more important tomorrow.  It may be a huge issue tomorrow.  It may not.  But it may!  And you may be avoiding much heartache tomorrow by simply being careful today.

It's been a valuable lesson for me to learn as a leader.