I heard someone say the other day something I thought powerful about how marriages should work. This person said, "I want my kids to be able to look back and say, 'I want a great marriage like my Mom and Dad had.'  That really struck me.  I think we have a good marriage but then I had to ask myself, 'Do we sometimes put each other down?'  Ouch, we do.  'Do we snap at each other, sometimes for no reason?'  Ouch, we do.  'Do our kids really, really think we are happy together?'  I hope so…but I'm not sure."

It was a powerful statement for me to consider in my own marriage.  Do your kids really know how much you care for one another?  Do they hear words of affections, see caring actions, much more than they see the sniping and put downs?

Don't you want your kids to look back and say, "I want a great marriage like Mom and Dad had?"  If so, begin today!  Think now about how you'll affirm your spouse when you get home.  Think of a way you'll show your affections, a tangible act of love and kindness toward your special other.

Your kids will notice.  I promise.