Famous comedian Bill Cosby once said this about marriage: "The heart of marriage is memories." I like that.  Marriage really is a collection of memories over years and decades.  That's why divorce is so painful.  Not only does it become the major predictor of poverty in our culture, but it suddenly erases the power of collective memories.  When those memories are gone, they are difficult, if not impossible, to replace.

Sometimes, when I'm together and alone with my wife, we'll just start recounting all our experiences together.  We'll remember issues and problems, joys and victories.  We'll remember prayers answered and other prayers that God didn't answer like we anticipated. We'll remember how we met and how we hope to be together forever.  We would certainly agree with Bill Cosby's assessment that the heart of marriage is memories!

Why not stir up some memories today with your beloved?  When you're together today, just start reminiscing together.  Start remembering all your years together.

And feel love increase!