Do you know anything about the marriage between John Quincy Adams and his wife Abigail?  I stumbled upon something recently that shared some insights into their relationships.  I found it fascinating and wanted to share it with you today. Though their relationship was often described as forged together like "steel and a magnet," they underwent long periods of separation from one another, sometimes as long as 5 years!  They faced incessant political upheavals and personal tragedies together. During their times of extensive separations from one another, they kept in constant touch via letters.  They wrote over and over again to one another.  It was the way they kept their marriage bond alive.  The letters are filled with deep affection and emotion toward one another.

While apart, each one pursued their own calls, John Quincy as a statesman and political leader of the fledgling new country called the United States of America, and Abigail, well known for speaking out for women's rights.

They met at ages 23 and 14.  Their friendship blossomed into marriage. They were steadfast, passionate and intellectually challenging for one another for over 54 years!

That's a Founding Father's life and marriage I want to emulate!