Today's verses are John 5:43,44: "I have come in my Father's name, and you do not receive me.  If another comes in his own name, you will receive him.  How can you believe, when you receive glory from one another and do not seek the glory that comes form the only God?" My child, I came from heaven to earth in my Father's name.  In my day, a person's name was indicative of their character.  King David's name, "David," means "beloved."  His name had to do as much with how beloved he was as his actual name.  When I say that that I come in my Father's name, I'm saying that I came representing the entire character of my Father in heaven.  I came with all that is a part of his nature: his love, mercy, power and authority.

Yet many have not received me, then and now!  It is ironic, that many, many others, through the centuries, have come and gone, all in their own name and claiming to be the Christ.  Many have followed them.  The Jewish writer and historian Josephus reports many Messianic pretenders even before 70 A.D.!  They have proliferated through the years and exist even today.

But they are all still in their tombs.  They were all mere humans.  But people will sadly follow others who come in their own human name, without any heavenly authority.

Beware of these false Christs.  They are a sign of my return (Matthew 24:5).  They indicate a person's spiritual curiosity but not a true desire for spiritual truth.

Why do people fail to follow me?  Largely, it's because they desire the approval of others instead of the approval of God.  People should never fear what people think of them or can do to them.  They should only fear God, their Maker and the Maker of heaven and earth.  He is the sole One who can cast people into eternal separation from him.

People-pleasing is idolatry.  You spend countless dollars to keep up with your neighbors.  You are wooed by marketers to spend precious dollars to impress others.  You are deeply wounded if someone doesn't find you attractive, or intelligent, or competent.  The acid rain of rejection embitters your soul.

How can you believe and trust in me when you constantly seek the approval of other people?  How can you seek true glory and approval, which can only come from my Father in heaven, when you are constantly trying to seek the glory and approval of humans?  It's impossible.  Your life can't be focused on trying to please others and my Father at the same time.

Realize today that only I can give you a true, eternal identity.  Only I can free you from the crippling bondage of people-pleasing.  Only I can save you from the tyranny of living for what other people think of you.

I love you.  You are accepted by me, through my death on the cross, not by any work you can ever accomplish.  I love you as much today as I will love you for all eternity.  You are approved by me no matter how you look on the outside.  I only look at the heart.  Outward appearances to impress others don't concern me.

Know my approval of you today.

You can trust me today.